Innovative Anti-icing Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Thermocoax offers a range of cutting-edge anti-icing solutions for airliners and rotorcraft.

Anti-icing systems are crucial on the outer parts of all aircraft. Without these systems the build-up of ice can affect flight control parameters and change the shape of wings, blades or tail parts. With disastrous effects.

At Thermocoax our R&D and engineering teams are constantly working on a range of anti-icing designs. Our products include Anti-icing Grids for Rotorcraft, Waste-water Drain Masts with Anti-icing, Helicopter Wire Cutter Heating Solutions, Anti-Icing for Pitot Tube Sensors, Anti-icing Total Air Temperature Sensors. 

Innovation in Anti-icing Technology for military and commercial aircraft sector

All aircraft manufacturers need to ensure the safety and reliability of their fleets when exposed to extreme weather conditions involving snow and ice.  This includes commercial, civil and military airplanes and rotorcrafts. Thermocoax has some of the best products on the market to meet these requirements.

Self-regulating Technology for Icy Conditions

Anti-icing Grid for Helicopters

When operating in snowy or icy conditions, helicopter pilots activate the onboard anti-icing system. This maintains a temperature of 38 degrees C at the intake surface where air streams into the engine. However, this is not always effective if the craft is travelling at high speed.

Thermocoax has developed an anti-icing grid that not only prevents debris from being sucked up like traditional inlet screens, but also stops ice accumulation. Functional at altitudes up to 25000 ft, the Thermocoax anti-icing grid is designed to resist the impact of debris with a diameter of 60 mm at a speed of 300 km/h. Our solution allays the very real threat of accidents, caused by large pieces of ice from other parts of the helicopter damaging the engine compressor blades.

  • Power range from few watts to 500 watt
  • Power density 0.19 w/cm2
  • Up to 400 V, 1 or 3 phase
  • 3 to 6 heating coils
  • MIL and/or RTCA DO-160 certified

Waste-water Drain Mast with Anti-icing Solution

A drain mast on an aircraft ensures that waste water from onboard lavatories is pulverised and evacuated from the plane. Thermocoax supplies a drain mast with anti-icing technology for safe use during flights. With an outer casing also designed with an excellent anti-icing system, the drain mast can be positioned at the rear or middle of the fuselage.

Where weight is an issue, the lighter self-regulating model without switches can be used. The anti-icing cables are shaped around the pipes and brazed together to improve conductivity and withstand flying speeds up to Mach 0.9.

  • True cold ends
  • Load in all directions 400 Newtons
  • Altitudes of 2000-41000 ft
  • Weight 1000 g
  • RTCA DO-160/MIL certified

Anti-icing system for TAT Probes

We supply anti-icing systems for TAT probes developed and manufactured by our clients. Our proprietary mineral insulated cabling is available with anti-icing technology in small diameters to enable integration in complex parts of the probe’s body.

  • Built to client specifications
  • Proprietary MI cabling
  • Self-regulating

Anti-icing for Pitot Tube Sensor

Pitot tube sensors are safety-critical instruments on aircraft that provide pilots with measurements regarding airspeed as well as altitude and altitude trend. Popularly known as ‘speedometers’ they are mounted on the front fuselage or wings of aircraft and thus subject to snowy and icy conditions. Several fatal air crashes have been attributed to pitot tube sensors not being sufficiently heated.

Thermocoax R&D have designed an anti-icing pitot tube sensor that is equipped with our in-house mineral insulated cabling. Our sensors are self-regulating with a nickel or Inconel sheath alloy and true cold ends. These products have also been subjected to stress testing (HALT) to ensure maximum reliability for our clients.

  • Built to client specifications
  • Proprietary MI cabling
  • Self-regulating

Wire Cutter Anti-icing Systems

Wire-strike accidents account for a significant number of crashes involving military and civilian helicopters. Many rotorcraft install wire cutter devices to mitigate the risk of flying into wires when flying at low levels.

At the manufacturer’s request and on provision of drawings, Thermocoax will design an anti-icing cable that can be inserted inside the wire cutter. We will also install the anti-icing system in-house if the client sends us a disassembled wire cutter.

Thermocoax is a trusted partner in the design and manufacture of efficient and reliable anti-icing solutions that meet the most stringent industry standards (MIL and RTCA). The self-regulation technology adds value to products that already provide clients with the best possible cost/benefit ratio.

Anti-Icing Solutions : Technical Data


For more information about our anti-icing solutions as well as our other heating systems, please don’t hesitate to request a quote.