Aircraft Carbon Brake Thermocouple

banner-thermocouple-brakeThe new generation of carbon brakes offers better efficiency but reach more than 1000°C during and after operation

THERMOCOAX Brake Thermocouple :

The brake thermocouple measures the temperature in the heart of the carbon disk in real time and makes the value available for monitoring. It gives a “hot brake” alarm to the pilot.

Due to this brake thermocouple, the pilot receives a “Go/No Go” clear message for take-off authorization. Also this monitoring avoids too early a re-entry of the landing gear, and so avoids a risk of tire explosion in the wheel compartment. This monitoring done by the brake thermocouple increases the efficiency of aircraft fleets by reducing turnaround time by around 30 minutes.


Aircraft carbon brake thermocouple :

We develop, qualify and produce brake thermocouples to fit the braking system and aircraft flying conditions. The Thermocoax home made insulated cable is a long term guarantee for the customer regarding :

- The reliability and efficiency of his carbon brake thermocouple 
- Full traceability from cable to finished brake thermocouple

Key Parameters of Brake Thermocouple :

  • K type thermocouple up to 1200°C
  • Class 1, Calibration NIST
  • Magnesium oxide insulator: Insulation resistance >1012Ω/m
  • Single or dual loop for signal  redundancy
  • Diameter from 2 to 4mm
  • Sheath alloy : Inconel 600 or other
  • Qualification RTCA DO 160 -MIL