Thermocouples for Carbon Brakes

Real-time temperature monitoring for new-generation aircraft carbon brakes.

Carbon brakes have largely replaced steel brakes in commercial as well as military aircraft. They are more efficient and also lighter, which translates into reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Carbon Brakes reach exceeding temperatures

However, they can also reach temperatures exceeding 1000°C generated by the braking during landing. Considering the short turnaround time for aircraft, the pilot can start the take-off operation only if the brake temperature is lower than the defined threshold.

Thermocoax has designed carbon brake thermocouples that send a warning to the pilot(s) when the brakes are too hot. This ensures not only that the aircraft can brake efficiently within the planned distances, but also that the landing gear can be retracted at the right time.

Go/No Go Warning Systems

This monitoring system also increases the efficiency of aircraft fleet, reducing turnaround time at airports by 30 minutes.

Current safety standards now require that aircraft manufacturers fit sensors to carbon brake systems to mitigate the risk of overheating.

Hot Brake Alarm

The Thermocoax carbon brake thermocouple measures the temperature at the centre of the carbon disk in real time. The readings are then transmitted to the pilot(s) in the form of Go/No Go message, which is needed before take-off is authorised.

A ‘hot brake’ warning will also protect against premature re-entry of landing gear, thus preventing tyres from exploding in the wheel compartment.

The thermocouples are equipped with our proprietary mineral insulated cabling, with diameters between 2 and 4 mm, with a sheath alloy of Inconel 600 or other.

A leading expert in Carbon Brake Thermocouples

Thermocoax manufactures carbon brake thermocouples according to the aircraft’s braking system and the flying conditions. Our mineral insulated cables are a hallmark guarantee of long-term reliabilty and efficiency. And our raw materials are fully traceable from cable to finished thermocouple.

Carbon Brake Thermocouple : Technical Data

  • K type thermocouple up to 1200°C
  • Class 1, NIST calibration
  • Single/dual loop for redundancy
  • RCTA DO-160/MIL certification

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