Capteur de température pour convertisseur électrique et alternateur


Temperature Sensor for Electrical Generation System

A new generation of generator is now available equipped with temperature sensor. THERMOCOAX provides on the market this new generation of temperature sensor for the monitoring the bearing temperature.



The high speed running of the alternator is a key component for the electrical power system on aircraft. The temperature sensor makes it safe.

 Bearing Temperature sensor:

To provide a temperature sensor powerful enough and highly integrable, we design the temperature sensor like a screw equipped with mineral insulated cable for the temperature sensor signal transmission.  We have experience in temperature sensors B787, A380 and A400M

 Key parameters for temperature sensor:

  • Thermocouple type K technology up to 1000°C
  • RTD500 technology up to 250°C, class A
  • Robust housing, SS304 or Inconel
  • Single or dual element for redundancy signal

Termination by :

  • either aero qualified connector
  • or PTFE lead wires, max 250°C
  • or mineral insulated cable, diameter 2mm, max 1000°C and harsh environment

Several different tip shapes for quick response time
Hermetically sealed
Qualification RTCA DO 160 -MIL
Calibration NIST