Meet Olivier Herve, Thermocoax’s Aeronautic Business Developer

“My name is Oliver Herve and I’ve worked with Thermocoax since 2004. I’m responsible for the aeronautics portfolio in Thermocoax and I work closely with the engineering and R&D departments. My other mission is to support the sales team as they develop partnerships with our customers.”

An experienced partner in the aeronautics industry

Our technology and expertise have been leveraged across a broad range of aircraft and drone programs, covering both airborne and ground-based applications. We support OEMs and top-tier companies that specialize in avionics, brakes, composites, water and air management systems industries.

“Over the last year, Thermocoax has been awarded new platforms like the Airbus A220 and Falcon Jet. Now the qualification phase has been completed and we are ramping up production. For sure, the pandemic slowed down our business, but we can see good volume on the horizon. Regarding helicopters, we were awarded the South Korean Surion Program and this has provided good business for the last four years. The helicopter market is still dynamic and we’ve been working hard with our customers to keep abreast of developments.”

Which Thermocoax applications are available for the aeronautic market?

“For the aero business, we have adapted our products for use on aircraft, helicopters and defense systems. For helicopters we have two main applications: cables with an integrated anti-icing system and an anti-icing screen that prevents ice and snow building up on engines. For aircraft, we are supplying both the pitot tube anti-icing system and the interior heating system. We provide high-temperature thermocouples for carbon brakes and also have a solution for over-heat detection. Regarding the defense market, we are supplying equipment for drones as well as the navy.”

Thermocoax specializes in custom designs that involve a continuous dialogue with our partners to ensure that their requirements are met. We can manage a diverse range of applications, including:

Why do customers want to work with Thermocoax ?

“Why do customers want to partner with Thermocoax? A key reason is that we produce our own mineral-insulated cables. In today’s world, customers need to integrate heating system in small spaces. Thermocoax is able to provide heating cables that diameters of less than 2mm. We are also able to supply customers with complete ‘plug and play’ heating systems.”

Our mission is to provide customers with reliable and efficient products and services. We are looking to be an integral part of the new environmentally friendly generation of platforms in the aerospace and defense sector.

Would you like to contact Olivier and our team to discuss your needs? Don’t hesitate to request a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.