Heat Treatment Thermocouples

banner-thermocoupleNADCAP is a quality process standard increasingly deployed in the aerospace industry.
The NADCAP heat treatment is asking for high quality thermocouples to monitor the homogeneity and stability in heat treatment furnaces with high accuracy. We offer full traceability of our mineral insulated cable and finished thermocouples.

Thermocouples heat treatment :

The thermocouple measures the temperature in the heat treatment furnace in real time. These values are the key parameters to demonstrating the quality and validity of the heating process.

thermocouple-SLA 229

thermocouple-2 LM I 30 CLI 3m TI FIM.N

thermocouple-2 PRe I 30 Cl1 600mm TI DT 2PR25 5cm FIM-S

For an optimum quality process, THERMOCOAX is producing high quality class 1 thermocouples cables. We are using the AMS2750 standard regarding accuracing and thermocouple controls.
As a thermocouple cable manufacturer, we calibrate only the cable to avoid calibrating the thermocouple itself. By this methodology, we support our customers in their cost reduction policy.

Thermocouples Key Parameters:

THERMOCOAX home-made mineral insulated thermocouples cables
Calibration of the cable batch, at each ends and in the middle. 
Advantage: Avoids calibrating each thermocouple, cost reduction.

  • Compliantwith AMS2750

Thermocouples type J, K or N type, class1 in accordance with IEC582

  • Sheath Alloy: Stainless Steel, Inconel, Haynes 214
  • Diameter: 0.25 up to 6mm
  • Length: no limitation
  • Easy shaping for better integration