Anti-Icing Solution for Avionic Probes

Anti-icing equipment is a strategic component for avionic probesWhy Anti-Icing?

Anti-icing equipment is a strategic component for avionic probes. It is designed to keep outer avionic sensors skin of Total air temperature probes and Pitot tubes free of ice while in flight. Our R&D and Engineering teams are working for the best anti-icing design to obtain the most efficient sensor and also the most reliability to fit with aircraft MTBF.

The THERMOCOAX’s anti-icing solution is innovative due to its self-regulated technology. We have a daily challenge to get the best cost/benefit ratio to make our customer competitive on the market.

Anti-Icing  for Total Air Temperature Sensor

Total Air Temperature (TAT) Sensor :

We produce TAT sensors fully equipped with anti-icing elements and also the anti-icing system separately when the customer self-manages the complete probe development and manufacturing. The THERMOCOAX’s anti-icing technology is based on true cold ends but the most important is the small anti-icing cable diameter for complex integration in the probe’s body. 



Icing-Avionic-Nicrobraze TMS - b

Icing-Avionic-Sensor housing - TMS

  •  Range: -54°C up to +150°C
  • TAT Body: SS316, Inconel , Titatnium
  • Available with thermocouple class 1 or Platinum RTD class A
  • Single or dual element design for redundancy Recovery
  • Factor better than 0.96
  • Up to Mach 0.8
  • Robust housing for on-board application

Anti-icing system integrated in the tip of the probe

  • Self-regulation technology with Nickel or Balco
  • Qualification RTCA DO 160 -MIL
  • NIST calibration
  • Response time in wind tunnel up to Mach 0.6

Anti-Icing  for Pitot Tube Sensor


Static and Dynamic Pitot Tube Probe Sensor:

 The anti-icing heating cable is shaped around the dynamic and static air pipes. For a better conductivity and to withstand flying conditions, anti-icing cable and pipe are brazed together.
The power is defined as a function of the power supplied on the aircraft and the outer casing is designed to have a good anti-icing system.

Key parameters for anti-icing in pitot probe:

  • Built to customer's specification        
  • Mineral Insulated cable manufactured in house
  • Self-Regulated
  • Nickel or Inconel sheath alloy
  • True cold end
  • Spiral design, twin cores


  • 160 watt, less than155 volt 400Hz
  • MIL and/or RDO160-rated
  • HALT Tests